Emilia Aged Balsamic Vinegar


Emilia Aged Balsamic Vinegar
Emilia Aged Balsamic Vinegar Emilia Aged Balsamic Vinegar Emilia Aged Balsamic Vinegar
  • $50 for a 100ml bottle


"If you’ve only tried supermarket variety balsamic vinegar, this bottle of sweet, syrupy goodness will change your life."


From the minute we saw this gorgeous bottle, we knew we had to have it. But we weren't just swayed by looks. One taste and we knew why this vinegar is a chef favorite.

Traditionally-produced balsamic vinegar requires a whole lot of grape juice, time and care, and this rich, complex, perfectly tart American balsamic is no exception. Dark, full-bodied, with a fig-like sweetness balanced out by a vibrant tartness, you'll savor each drop. 

"Emilia" stands for Emily, daughter of maker George Paul Johnson and an integral part of the family business. Each bottle is finished with a letterpress label that she prints herself!

tip of the tongue

Do as Emily does and take a spoonful as a daily elixir. Add a few drops to a good olive oil to dip soft bread into. Drizzle over fresh strawberries, or add a tablespoon to your favorite tomato sauce. Just don't store it away for a special occasion — this vinegar is meant to be enjoyed! 

Unfiltered. 4% acetic acid. Comes in a 100ml bottle.

  • vegan.
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