Eat Your Feelings


Know someone who’s got a case of the Mondays? Perpetually has a rain cloud over their head? Makes Eeyore look like an optimist?

Hey, life can be tough. That’s where friends and food come in. It’s true, snacks are always there for us – the good days, the bad days, in sickness, in health. It’s pretty much scientifically proven that food makes you feel better. So enable your friend to go ahead and eat their feelings!

“Stressed” is “desserts” spelled backward, so they’ll need some Chocolate Chews and Pistachio Caramel Corn, STAT! And to satisfy the salty, crunchy craving, we threw in some Billy Goat Potato Chips (literally the best chips, ever) and Asiago Black Pepper Cheesy Puffs (the indie answer to those doodle-y things). The gift bag also includes Raley’s emoticon candies so they can literally eat their feelings. If this doesn’t make them feel better, we’re not sure what will.

It’s time for therapy! (*Couch not included)