Dry Riesling No. 239



This Riesling is trouble – the might-drink-the-whole-bottle kind of trouble, if you enjoy well-balanced, lightly effervescent white wines.

The most famous Rieslings come from Germany, but wines from the Finger Lakes can more than hold their own – especially those that are made by a Riesling-only winery (talk about a specialized craft!). This bottle is bright with citrusy acidity, because the grapes are from Boundary Breaks' earliest harvest of the season. Aromas of sweet honeysuckle are balanced by a slightly dry minerality, and a lingering finish that makes us think of ginger and caraway.

While not very bone-dry, it’s definitely drier and more savory than the Rieslings we’re used to. The sweetness here is more a complementary finish, like the way a drizzle of honey finishes a strong cup of black tea.

tip of the tongue

Riesling's balance and lower alcohol content (this bottle is just 11.6%) make it one of the most consistently great sidekicks for hard-to-pair dishes like kung pao chicken, pad thai or masala.

did you know?

A wine "clone" is a cutting from a "mother" vine known to produce wines with specific qualities. At Boundary Breaks, they like to explore not just their geographical terroir, but also the influence of specific clones, and they've learned which clones grow best in specific sections of the vineyard. This wine was made entirely from one vine stock: clone number 239.

  • $20 for 750ml