• $48 for 750ml


This is the big, full-flavored red wine to bust out when you want to impress your friends! (Doesn’t everyone?)

Dole out mesmerizingly inky purple glasses and inhale aromas of dark fruit and cinnamon, which fade into floral flavors. Think dried violets, rose petals, lavender. That fruity-flowery bouquet is balanced, though, by a full body, nice dry tannin and a peppery finish.

The grapes in this wine are from Porter-Bass’ first Zinfandel planting, about 35 years ago. Decades of heavy farming on an abandoned winery had left the soil eroded and depleted of nutrients, so new owners Luke and Elena Bass looked to biodynamic and organic farming strategies to renew the vineyard's vitality.

They’ve now been growing grapes organically and biodynamically for more than a decade, having abandoned environmentally damaging substances like mineral fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. Luke's irrigation system uses renewable rain water that’s collected in a nearby pond, rather than well water. The wines are even bottled in 50% recycled bottles made nearby, and sealed with foils made in the Napa Valley.


tip of the tongue

Pop open this earthy Zinfandel for shepherd’s pie or mushroom risotto, or pair with a cheese board that highlights a creamy blue and roasted walnuts. We recommend decanting this style of wine an hour or two before you're going to serve it – exposing it to more air, letting it “breathe” a little to bring out those big flavors.

15.1% alcohol by volume. Comes in a 750ml bottle.

  • vegan.
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