Dirty Chai: Cold Brew Concentrate

Dirty Chai: Cold Brew Concentrate


  • $26.50 for a 32 oz jar, about 8 servings

Mouth says...

Maker Dona Chai has bean busy working on this brew-tiful limited-edition collaboration combining their signature single-origin masala chai concentrate, with smooth and chocolatey Ethiopian bean cold brew from Brooklyn’s Variety Coffee Roasters. Chai and be strong, this concoction has a latte love. And if that wasn’t reason enough to raise your cup, the company is donating 20% of their Dirty Chai proceeds to Black Girl Ventures, which promotes racial justice by empowering Black women creators, founders & entrepreneurs. Totally buzz-worthy! 

Tip of the Tongue

Mix up a Witches Brew:

1.5oz Dirty Chai Cold Brew Concentrate from Dona Chai
1/2oz maple syrup
1oz heavy cream
Garnish: Ground cinnamon

Add the bourbon, Cold Brew Concentrate, maple syrup, and cream to a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake vigorously. Strain into a coffee cup and top with ground cinnamon.


Purified water, cold brew coffee concentrate (Variety Coffee Roasters), sugar, ginger, cinnamon, green cardamom, organic black tea, molasses, black pepper, cloves, citric acid.