Descendant Succession Cider

Descendant Succession Cider


  • $6 for a 500ml bottle

Mouth says...

A crisp, sparkling cider of the the semi-dry persuasion, Succession Cider is no sugar bomb! It's very approachable, easy to enjoy, with lots of personality.

This cider was designed with sessionability in mind – you know, that typically beer-centric concept of a super-satisfying yet low-alcohol beverage that you can sip, and sip, and sip for hours on end without having too much fun? Succession is perfect on a long hot day, with light body, small Champagne-esque bubbles, bright acidity and a dry finish. 

To make Succession, Jahil selects six apple varietals, all grown in New York's Hudson Valley. He brings them down to Descendant Cider Company's 600-square-foot facility, sometimes in his car, and presses them on a machine he designed. The cider is fermented to dryness, then another blend of fresh apple juice is added to lend just a touch of sweetness. Jahil’s cider has quickly become a NYC favorite.

did you know?

Hard cider was the original American beverage (it's basically all the colonial settlers drank!), and we're so excited that this delicious, historical beverage is suddenly popular again. We've tracked down the most incredible indie cider and perry on the market, all fermented from apples or pears using traditional techniques.

tip of the tongue

Stock up a couple bottles to enjoy in one sun-soaked session pool-side.


5.5% alcohol by volume. Comes in a 500mL bottle.

  • Vegan.