Date Night Taster


Date night means different things to different people. When we got together to put together this taster, it was clear that everyone loved the idea but there were different...needs. The singles and blind daters were looking for a fun alternative to awkward conversation at a fancy restaurant... Those of us with young children or no babysitters wanted a romantic getaway in our living rooms.... Those of us who are simply busy and over-worked were looking for a tasty way to surprise our partners.

No matter what stage you're in, we've got you covered. Picture this: A spread of elegant crackers and salty olive-parmesan tapenade and fig jam to greet you at the door, white truffle popcorn ready by the couch for movie-watching, a bottle of red wine breathing in the kitchen, and decadent chocolate-hazelnut spread whispers sweet nothings in the dark. Sigh.

Yes, whether you're looking to win over someone new or surprise your steady, the way to their heart remains via their stomach and these snacks will have anyone swooning. Now the only real question left is: movie, Grand Theft Auto or Scrabble?