• $8.75 for a 1.4 oz bar


When it comes to milk chocolate versus dark, we used to be a team divided – but now, we're not so sure. This bar united us all in a happy medium. So whether you're a balance-seeker, a milk chocolate lover hoping to ease over to the dark side, a dark chocolate lover looking to lighten up, or anyone in between, Videri Chocolate's Dark Milk Chocolate Bar is the sweet spot.

It's the Raleigh-based bean-to-bar chocolate factory's only blend made with organic whole milk, and it's still much darker than your average milk chocolate. More intense, too, but with the rich creaminess often missing from dark varieties. This sweet bar toes the line. 

Tip of the Tongue

Pair the dark milk chocolate with something savory, salty or spicy to bring out the sweet side, or something sweeter like caramel to accentuate the chocolate's contrasting bitter notes. 


Roasted organic cocoa nibs, organic cane sugar, organic dry whole milk, organic cocoa butter. Each box contains two 1.5 oz bars.

  • contains dairy.
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