Dark Chocolate Covered Nut Clusters

Dark Chocolate Covered Nut Clusters
Valerie Confections Good Mix Dark Chocolate Covered Nut Clusters Dark Chocolate Covered Nut Clusters Dark Chocolate Covered Nut Clusters


“Remember the joy of stepping off that big yellow school bus and fixing yourself an after school snack? This is like that, but for grown-ups with sophisticated palates.”


This very good mix of crunchy, chocolate-covered almonds and pumpkin seeds is one of the tastiest cacao-drenched snacks to come across our tasting table in a while. With just enough brown sugar and sea salt to satisfy our sweet-savory cravings, we all kept going back for just one more handful. 

It started out as a gluten-gree variation on chocolate-studded granola, but by the time Valerie Gordon of Valerie Confections was done, it had firmly crossed over from sort-of-cereal to incredible snack. She teamed up with the super-cool folks at Commune Design studio to produce this beautiful bag, as well as their Giant Fruit and Nut Dark Milk Chocolate Bar.

tip of the tongue

Pack a bag for a good (nay, great!) movie-watching munch at the theater. Add a few decadent clusters to your afternoon caffeine routine – the balance between iced coffee and bittersweet chocolate is a favorite around Mouth HQ!

Almonds, pumpkin seeds, light brown sugar, bittersweet chocolate, honey, cocoa powder, vanilla paste, canola oil, sea salt, cocoa nibs. Comes in an 8 oz bag.

  • contains treenuts.
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