Daffodil Goat Milk Caramel Mix

Daffodil Goat Milk Caramel Mix


  • $12.50 3.2 ounce box

Mouth says...

The secret to these handmade, award-winning caramels is all in the milk – fresh and raw goat milk. The result is a artisan candy that is perfectly sweet, soft and smooth, taking away that fear of getting them stuck in your teeth. Since this is a grabbag (grabbox?) of the maker’s signature flavors, pick one and see what you get. Balanced additions of sea salt & vanilla, chai, maple cream, chocolate espresso, raspberry rhubarb, cider honey, brown butter bourbon or chocolate mint will surprise and delight.

The other secret must be the happy goats. Big Picture Farm’s owners Louisa and Lucas insist on free-reign, and you can tell the makers love their animals from the packaging. Crawling up the sides and top of the box are Louisa’s sketches of the goats with their names: Gertrude, Manhattan, Eva, Eloise, Junebug… the list goes on. A recent addition to the list is a kid of their own, Maisie. We’re sure she’ll be butting in on the family business in no time.


Tip of the Tongue:


These candies work wonderfully as a thoughtful housewarming or host gift, or better yet, keep them for yourself and sneak them into your next movie outing.


Roasted Raspberry & Rhubarb*: farmstead goat milk, organic cane sugar, organic tapioca syrup, VT cow cream, VT rhubarb wine (made with rhubarb, strawberry, raspberry), raspberry puree (raspberries, cane sugar, fruit pectin, citric and ascorbic acids), goat butter, salt, organic vanilla extract, baking soda. About a dozen caramels in each 3.2 oz box.

  • Contains dairy.