Crispin's Rose Liqueur

Crispin's Rose Liqueur
Crispin's Rose Liqueur honey-apple mead with heirloom rose petals Crispin's Rose Liqueur
  • $96 for 375ml


What's even better than a gorgeous arrangement of fresh-picked roses? A bottle of extraordinary, rare rose liqueur made from freshly-picked flowers. Crispin Cain makes this acclaimed floral spirit by distilling a mix of mead (fermented honey) and apple cider in an antique cognac still he borrows from the legendary brandy producers at Germain-Robin.

Next, he handpicks heirloom rose petals grown specially for this liqueur (fun fact, he only picks the petals in the morning, while they're still coated in dew). It takes dozens of roses to make each bottle — talk about a lavish bouquet! 

The flavor is pure essence of rose, and though it's called a liqueur, it's only a touch sweet. The rich spirits lend an almost chocolate note to the bright, floral flavor. And that beautiful auburn color? It comes entirely from the roses –there's even a little rose dust settling at the bottom of each bottle.

tip of the tongue

This heady spirit is a spectacular nightcap sipped straight, and an ounce splashed into 4 ounces of your favorite sparkling wine makes a perfect start to a romantic dinner. 

Distilled from 89% apple juice and 11% honey, infused with rose petals; 25.4% alcohol by volume; comes in a 375ml bottle.

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