Apartment Therapy: Complete + Happy Home

Apartment Therapy: Complete + Happy Home


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Mouth says...

As lovers of great design, aspirers to total organization and secret pinners to hundreds of décor boards, we can’t get enough of the round-the-clock advice on Apartment Therapy. Our longtime friend Maxwell Ryan, the original "apartment therapist" here in New York City, founded the site as a source for expertise, inspiration and innovation in a place with many definitions but one universal meaning: home.

"A complete and happy home is so much more than a series of pretty rooms" – so say Maxwell and Apartment Therapy Executive Editor Janel Laban in the opening pages of our new favorite home design book. We couldn’t agree more.

Complete + Happy Home is a DIY textbook of sorts, offering easy tips for setting up the right flow in the living room (beware of "bowling-alley syndrome!"), painting and wallpapering tricks for making a tiny bathroom feel bigger, color-coding our eternally messy home office and, of course, not letting "We don’t have a lawn!" be the final say on growing greens. This is a first for us! In fact, we couldn’t keep our noses out of this gorgeous new book, so we asked Apartment Therapy to curate a collection of tasty kits for instant at-home entertaining.

These pages are packed with beautiful photos of inspiring indoor and outdoor spaces, taken by photographer Melanie Acevedo with the help of trendy homeowners nationwide. Home envy, commence!


Though this isn’t a cookbook to keep in your kitchen, it’s full of tips to revamp that hallowed room of deliciousness. Flip to chapter 14 and join us in geeking out over a table made from an old door, and decorations inspired by Neapolitan ice cream (yes!).


320 pages. 10.25 x 8.25 x 1 inches.