Coffee Liqueur

  • $50 for 750ml


Kiss your Vodka Red Bull days goodbye and say hello to cold brew coffee liqueur. Yep, you heard us correctly. The drink you’ve bean waiting for is finally here. 

Firelit’s Coffee Liqueur is a brew-tiful thing – it’s made in Napa, California from single-origin, hand-roasted coffee from local, artisanal microroasters like Blue Bottle Coffee, Verve Coffee Roasters and Weaver’s Coffee & Tea. After the beans are roasted, the coffee is cold brewed for 18 hours to release the maximum amount of caffeine while leaving behind the undesirable acidic and bitter flavors. Next, it’s blended with a brandy-coffee infusion and aged for a month in a stainless-steel tank to allow the flavors to combine completely.

High-school friends Jeff Kessinger, Tyler Warrender and Marcus Urani developed the original cold brew coffee liqueur together in 2009. Their secret formula puts coffee first and foremost in the taste, boasting the strongest coffee-based spirit on the market!

This liqueur sure gives “a shot of coffee” a whole new meaning.

tip of the tongue

This coffee-brandy combo is naturally sweet enough to be enjoyed on its own, but we also love it mixed into a hot cocoa after a day of shredding it up on the slopes or sipping it in an iced coffee while lounging on the beach during the summer. Yeah, this is a drink we could enjoy all day, and all year long. You better believe it will make all your wildest bottomless brunch dreams come true – hangover cure and wake-me-up all in one.

Or abide by "The Dude" (you're a Lebowski, we're a Lebowski) and make yourself the best White Russian ever. Combine 1 oz Firelit and 1 oz vodka in a rocks glass (plus 2 oz Grady's Cold Brew Coffee if you need a little more buzz). Fill with ice and top off with cream.