Coconut Milk and Ginger Hawaiian Chocolate Bar



Hawaii is the only place in the United States that cacao can grow. So we were thrilled when we discovered this chocolate. Not only does Madre use lightly processed, high-antioxidant cacao beans grown in Hawaii, but makers David Elliot and Nat Bletter also seek out Hawaiian-grown vanilla, passion fruit and even tea for their flavored bars. 

When we bite into this bar, we're transported straight to a Waikiki sunset – creamy coconut milk and caramelized ginger do a hula dance on our tastebuds, hypnotizing with their spicy-sweet, luscious chewiness. It's as close to the Big Island as you can get without booking plane tickets: the coconuts were hand-harvested and cacao beans grown right there in Hawaii. This bar will leave you as mellow as you feel on your fourth day of vacay. 

Tip of the Tongue

This chocolate's like a vacation in bar form, which makes it totally okay to enjoy it at the bar. Tag team that lingering work-week stress by pairing this tropical treat with a happy hour mai tai. Aloha!

  • $14.25 for a 1.5 oz bar