Classic Original Bloody Mary Mix

Classic Original Bloody Mary Mix


  • $15 EACH

Mouth says...

Created in Queens and made in upstate New York, Toma Bloody Mary Cocktail Mix is special in that the makers use their own versions of chipotle tomatillo sauce, sriracha, and steak sauce in the cocktail mix to add depth of flavor and a really special kick to a brunch beverage classic. The flavor is fresh, bright, and anything but basic. It takes a familiar flavor profile and gives it a unique personality – we can thank the tomatillos for that. Mix with vodka for a traditional take, but know that this mix also pairs brilliantly with gin, tequila, and even mezcal! 

Tip of the Tongue: 
Make every batch uniquely your own by adding garnishes you love. (Netflix counts as a garnish FYI, we checked!) But if you’ve got company, a little secret: Hosting brunch is waaaaay easier than having people over for dinner. For your next gathering, bring people together for chicken and waffles, custom omelettes, or just all the avocado toast they could ever want – but make sure this Bloody Mary mix is well-stocked and your cocktail situation is handled. Send each friend home with their own 8oz bottle for the perfect parting gift!