Classic Ginger Elixir

Classic Ginger Elixir


Mouth says...

We’ve been a little obsessed with this ginger elixir since we first sampled it at a local farmers market in upstate New York, and it’s now a staple at Mouth HQ. What’s an elixir, anyway? Well, consider it a tonic, switchel, syrup, potion – but, hey, it’s more fun to say “elixir.” Plus, there are literally three ingredients in this bottle of wonder – organic ginger root, NYS wildflower honey and organic lemon juice.  Ginger is known to reduce inflammation, remove toxins, aid in digestion, kickstart your metabolism, regulate blood sugar and support your overall immune system. While the makers – husband and wife team Corrina and Jason – are clear to not make any “official” health claims, we can share that we’ve been swigging the tart, sweet and spicy stuff to get us through cold and flu season.

Tip of the tongue

Start your day by taking a ginger shot first thing each morning! During the warmer months, we add it to iced tea, salad dressing and mixing it into a cocktail with vodka or bourbon.



Organic Ginger Root, NYS Wildflower Honey, Organic Lemon Juice