Dill Pickled Potatoes

Dill Pickled Potatoes
Dill Pickled Potatoes Dill Pickled Potatoes Dill Pickled Potatoes Dill Pickled Potatoes TaterPiks Savory Classic Dill


Pickled potatoes?! At first we too were skeptical, but now we can't imagine an appetizer spread or at-home salad bar without them. 

Small, round and mild, Organic Klamath Pearl Potatoes are harvested young to hold onto their peak flavor (and left skin-on to keep the sweetness in!). Then, they're pickled in white wine vinegar with salt, sliced jalapeño, whole garlic and spices like mustard and fennel seed. 

The natural starches in Klamath Pearls don't break down like other potatoes would, so they keep their delightful creamy, fork-tender texture. Despite the jalapeño slices, they're only the tiniest bit spicy. 

Forget the pickled peppers (ok, those are good too) and please pass the pickled potatoes! 

tip of the tongue

TaterPiks on their own remind us of tangy German potato salad, but take it the extra step and toss them with some still-warm bits of cooked bacon, a spoonful of Tin Mustard, chopped fresh chives and coarsely ground black pepper. Hello, best potato salad ever! 

Potatoes, water, white wine vinegar, salt, jalapeño, garlic, spices, sugar. Comes in a 16 oz jar.

  • vegan.
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