Raw Hunger Chocolate Truffle Bar Trio

Raw Hunger Chocolate Truffle Bar Trio


  • $30 EACH

Mouth says...

We've been cooking up something special with our friend – and raw chocolate pioneer –  Daniel Sklaar over at Fine + Raw Chocolate. This set of three rich, incredibly decadent raw chocolate truffle bars is soooo luscious, we almost want to keep them all for ourselves...but we've always been good sharers! Bar No. 1 is a reinvention of the  classic chocolate truffle, Bar No. 2 is for those who are crazy for anything hazelnut and Bar No. 3 is a Whiskey for a chocolate fan with, ahem, spirit. 

All three bars may seem petite, but remember, they’re truffle bars, meaning each one is essentially four individual truffles merged together in one chocolate bar of your dreams. Plus, they're made with coconut sugar and coconut butter, and no dairy, which means they are entirely vegan in addition to being entirely delicious. 

What’s raw chocolate? Made from cacao beans that are heated gently (not past 150 degrees), the minimally-processed result is a chocolate that's crazy high in antioxidants with a creamy texture. That's what we call raising the (raw) bar.