Christmakkah in a Bag

An expertly-curated gift bag from Mouth

In this gift:

All these goodies come gift wrapped in our signature cotton tote


Happy Christmas! Merry Hanukkah!

Love trimming the tree? Lighting the candles? Sipping egg nog? Frying up some homemade latkes? Have we got a bag for you. 

Yes, if you celebrate both holidays or know someone who does, get into the spirit with this clever mashup of our favorite Christmas and Hanukkah goodies. 

Christmas? Deck-the-halls delicious chocolate peppermint cookies, jolly good peppermint marshmallow cookies and our exclusive, all-natural Mouth peppermint stick. Amen. Hanukkah? Miraculous milk chocolate gelt, Hanukkah-themed mint candies, and a chocolate menorah pop. Dayenu. 

These indie stars (6-pointed, of course) are total crowd pleasers, cross our hearts. Break out the driedl, start your caroling.  Oy to the world, people!

  • $49.50 EACH