Chocolate-Covered Coconut Shortbread

Chocolate-Covered Coconut Shortbread


Mouth says...

If there’s one thing we always feel, ahem, short on, it’s a box of these chocolate-covered coconut shortbread. No matter how many we have in our pantry, there never seems to be enough! Kika’s Treats, based in Northern California, is known for using an array of alternative sweeteners (no white sugar and no corn syrup, ever), which means it’s okay to eat the whole box… Right? Here, smooth milk chocolate covers a deliciously crisp coconut shortbread that’s handmade with coconut flakes and rapadura, an unrefined cane sugar with unmatched nutritional value and a unique caramel flavor. We really can’t stop eating them.


The caramel notes of the milk chocolate blend perfectly with those of the shortbread, making this one of our favorite for tea time, coffee breaks, and all hours in between.


Semisweet chocolate (cacao beans, sugar, cocoa butter, sunflower lecithin, vanilla beans), unsalted Butter, unbleached wheat flour, organic rice Flour, organic rapadura, organic cane sugar, organic unsweetened coconut, kosher salt, organic coconut extract, vitamin e.

  • Contains dairy.