Chocolate Coffee Energy Bar



“Ever looked into your morning cup of coffee and thought, ‘This is pretty good, but I wish I could chew it!’ Well, consider us your own personal and extremely specific genie.”


How do you get your full cup of coffee and a power-packed breakfast, all while rushing through a hectic morning commute with only one hand free? It's CoffeeBar to the rescue!

This fueled-up bar really does hold the power of a full cup of fair-trade coffee, plus organic chocolate chips and a dash of cinnamon for that mocha latte vibe. It’s got a nice, tenderly chewy base of dates, oats and crisped brown rice, plus smooth almond butter and a sprinkling of chia seed. Basically everything you could want in a delicious, nutritious breakfast.  

Johnny Farad and Ali Kothari were both freshmen in college when they started asking, “Why can’t we eat our coffee?” They were tired of waking up super early without time for breakfast and essential caffeination (hey, just like us!). They needed a way to jump-start their days on-the-go without sacrificing nutrition and lasting brain power.

tip of the tongue

Grab a case if you are morning-challenged. Seriously, these bars have saved our bleary eyes on more than one triple-snooze morning. Also great for early morning travel if you've had one too many bad experiences juggling your carry-on bag and a hot cup of coffee. 

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