Chocolate Caramels



These sweets might look charmingly little, but the rich chocolate punch inside is anything but small. This is a grownup take on those Tootsie rolls we chewed on as kids, now greatly improved by deep chocolate liquor, real vanilla bean extract and a dash of salt.

Maker Jason McCrea, is an actual scientist, conducting experiments with a singular result in mind: to make the best caramel in the world! Jason makes his caramel in a cooker that’s carefully calibrated to the exact temperature and stirring speed that ensure a velvety texture and smooth flavor, every time. Then, he runs the stick of soft caramel through a 20th-century cutting and wrapping machine.

The results? Just about the closest thing to “best” we’ve ever tasted. He’s blinded us with science.

tip of the tongue

Our hypothesis: This heart-adorned “pillow box” will make a sweet welcome gift for houseguests, or a fun treat to pass around at the end of a dinner party. Keep this no-melt chocolate option in your bag for on-the-go cravings.

  • $4.75 for 5 caramels