• $26 for a 750ml bottle


“An artful mix of mineral-rich White Burgundy and buttery California Chardonnay.”—Jeff, Spirits + Wine Team


Chardonnay drinkers tend to fall into one of two camps: those who love the big and buttery California style, or
 those who favor the lighter and more stoney French wines. Thankfully, there is a wine maker in Oregon with a Chardonnay so special it'll please both (hooray for bipartisan wine!).

St. Innocent's Freedom Hill is fermented entirely in French oak barrels for 11 months. A little West Coast richness with some Burgundy-esque minerality means we can’t stop drinking this beauty.

And if you've never had an aged white wine, this is the perfect bottle to start your cellar. It will continue to develop for up to 8 years after its vintage date. Imagine your 2020 self – won't you be thirsty for a retro Chardonnay? (My, you look good in 2020!)

tip of the tongue

Serve with risotto, or enjoy at happy hour with Vermont Creamery's Fresh Goat's Milk Cheese. 

14.2% alcohol by volume. Comes in a 750ml bottle.

  • vegan.
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