Champagne Glasses

Champagne Glasses


Mouth says...

Sempli has really created something special in these stunningly beautiful champagne glasses. We love a good tabletop conversation piece, and these border on being works of art. The flutes have a flat bottom, specifically designed to enhance the effervescence of your bubbles. (Fun fact: Champagne should never be swirled.) 

This set includes two 8 oz champagne flutes made of lead-free crystal that you’ll definitely want to hand wash. But for glassware this gorgeous, it’s worth it.

Tip Of The Tongue:

Champagne is for celebrating, but it never specifies exactly what counts as a celebration. Therefore, in our opinion, everything is! Send these along with swanky Cheers cocktail napkins and a bottle of cherry grenadine to the person you want to congratulate, thank or simply woo. And keep a set (or two) of these on hand as your go-to sparkling wine drinking vessels of choice. The flat bottoms mean they’re much sturdier to hold and less likely to tip over on the coffee table while you freak out over The Bachelor. We’ve heard.


Set includes 2 whiskey glasses made of lead-free crystal packed in an elegant gift box.