Cerveza Seca Salami

Cerveza Seca Salami


  • $15.50 for a 5 oz Salami

Mouth says...

Beef up happy hour, but do it with pork. This dry-cured salami is made with fermented brown ale beer, fleur de sel, and heritage pork for a taste that’s bold, distinctive, and unlike any salami you’ve ever tried. Charlito's Cocina prides itself on products that are made with real ingredients in small batches, with a dedication to delicious food you can taste. They recommend you enjoy the salami within the first two months after purchase, but considering how tasty it is, we’ll be surprised if it even lasts two weeks. 

Tip of the tongue

Beer tasting deserves a savory upgrade! Pair your new salami (and a hard cheese or two) with some of your favorite beers, ciders, and ale for a tasting that’s fun, unique (beer-cured salami isn’t something you see every day), and the perfect way to kick off a fun weekend. 


Heritage Breed Pork, Hand Raked Sea Salt, Beer (Belgian style brown ale), Evaporated Cane Juice, Celery Juice Extract, Starter Culture, Natural Hog Casing.