Cedar Grilling Planks

Cedar Grilling Planks


Mouth says...

Walk the plank...to your next delicious dinner, that is! These 15” cedar grilling planks are made from sustainable western red cedar, are ready to use after being soaked for an hour (don’t worry, instructions are included), and are the perfect way to infuse your food with a robust, smoky taste. Grilled salmon is a classic way to go, but go wild with these! Think meaty portobello mushrooms, savory beef kebabs, and even ripe fruit — just put your ingredients on your soaked board and let the grill do its magic. It’s a burst of flavor that will make your tastebuds say “plank you!”.

Tip of the tongue:

Once you’ve tasted fresh fish grilled on a cedar plank, you can’t go back to a normal sheet pan. These wooden wonders are also the perfect host or hostess gift! Buy a few to keep in the hall closet so you don’t get caught without a gift for a last minute dinner invite.


Cedar planks are made with all-natural, sustainable western red cedar from British Columbia. Easy-to-follow instructions included.