• $15.25 for a 12 oz jar


Catskill Provisions raw honey all started out of one beekeeping kit  a gift that ignited a passion in founder Claire Martin that eventually turned into tending more than 300 beehives in New York State!

The resulting 100% raw spring honey harvested in early spring while the bees are feeding on blossoms from apple, cherry and pear trees, is perfect for drizzling into tea or onto Greek yogurt or fresh fruit. It's mellow, light and delicious.

Tip of the tongue

Use the honey to sweeten plain yogurt and top with a handful of crunchy Elemental Granola by Granola Lab — your breakfast will never be the same! In the summer, sweeten iced mint tea with spring honey syrup (just mix together equal parts of warm water and syrup, stir to dissolve, then chill). In the winter, its spicy complexity makes it perfect for a hot toddy: Stir together hot water, bourbon, a squeeze of fresh lemon and a drizzle of Fall honey. 

Raw honey. Comes in a 12 oz jar.

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