• $10.25 FOR A 8 OZ JAR


Cake for breakfast, everyone! Spread a little bit of Potlicker's Carrot Cake jam on toast or a freshly baked scone to start your day off with (almost) dessert.

No matter what comes to mind when you hear the word "Potlicker," this spread will have you scraping the bottom of the jar with a greedy tasting spoon.

Tip of the Tongue

A spoonful also serves as a perfect center for baked bran muffins or, if you're feeling more ambitious, homemade turnovers! 

Carrots, pineapple, pears, cane sugar, brown sugar, coconut, raisins, pectin, lemon juice, vanilla, spices. Comes in an 8oz jar. Refrigerate after opening. NOTE: Produced in a facility that handles nuts and wheat.

  • vegan.
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