Candy is Magic Box


Candy is Magic Box
Candy is Magic Box Candy is Magic Box Candy is Magic Box Candy is Magic Box Candy is Magic Box
  • $12.50 for 15 pieces


Do you believe in magic? This adorable box from Quin Candy is packed with 24 of their all natural, best-selling candies that are sure to satisfy a sweet tooth – buttery smooth Salty Sweet Caramels, fruity fresh Dream Come Chews, and dark and chocolatey Twizzlie Chews.

Oregon candy-woman-about-town Jami Curl of Quin crafts candy both nostalgic and whimsical — like the candy you loved way back when. Future meets past in a colorful clash of vibrant flavors, like strawberry lemonade gumdrops or dark chocolate chews, that might just give you a sugar high — but it’d be from pure fruit instead of refined sugar. 

Okay, we’re believers. Candy really is magic.

Tip of the Tongue

Perfect gift for your cousin who wears her fairy princess costume every day or for anyone who needs a little more magic in their life!

15 assorted pieces all natural candy.

Salty Sweet Caramels: Sugar, glucose, butter, heavy cream, vanilla bean, vanilla extract, sea salt. Contains milk.

Dream Come Chews: Sugar, glucose, butter, citric acid, natural flavors, vegetable extracts. Contains milk.

Twizzlie Chews: Sugar, glucose, brewed coffee, chocolate, salt. Contains milk.

NOTE: Made in a facility that processes: milk, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts and eggs.

  • contains dairy.
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