California Citrus Vodka
California Citrus Vodka California Citrus Vodka California Citrus Vodka

California Citrus Vodka


  • $36 for a 750ml bottle

Mouth says...

This isn’t the flavored vodka you remember (or don’t remember) from college, folks.

This refreshing, Mouth-watering citrus vodka is distilled from real California-grown Valencia oranges, Seville oranges and bergamot* ­– all grown on a family farm in the San Joaquin Valley that St. George has worked with for over 12 years. And no-sugar added!

All three citrus components are distilled separately into a non-GMO corn base spirit. (Naturally gluten-free!) After distillation, the folks at St. George blend the three distillates together before filtering the final batch to remove any visible impurities before bottling. The result is a smooth, clean, aromatic vodka that bursts with layered citrus notes. You’ll never bother with the bottom-shelf stuff again.

Pucker up!

*Did you know that bergamot is an oily substance extracted from the rind of a dwarf variety of the Seville orange? It’s used in everything from perfumery and cosmetics to a flavoring component in a variety of teas. Its name derives from the Turkish beg-armundi or “prince’s pear.”

Tip of the Tongue

This zesty citrus vodka is simple and versatile enough to enjoy with soda or in any citrus-forward cocktail, but we especially like to pull it straight from the freezer and drink super-cold, over ice.


40% alcohol by volume. Comes in a 750ml bottle.


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