Brooklyn Butterscotch Sauce


Brooklyn Butterscotch Sauce
Brooklyn Butterscotch Sauce Brooklyn Butterscotch Sauce Spoonable Brooklyn Butterscotch sauce
  • $14.25 for a 7.75 oz jar


The day Spoonable hit our tasting table was a fine day, indeed. We dipped our wooden spoons into the creamy sweetness, tongues shocked by the originality and intensity of the flavors, each one more spoonable – and swoonable – than the next.

We're excited about their latest offering. Flecked with tiny specks of real vanilla, drizzles of this Brooklyn Butterscotch deliver subtle notes of brown sugar in tongue-coating bliss. We think it’s 100 times better than the golden-wrapped version in Grandma’s candy bowl. (Sorry Grandma!)

tip of the tongue

Find any excuse to devour this decadent sauce. Roll up inside buttery cinnamon rolls, or swirl into vanilla pudding. Bake in a sheet with crushed peanuts and graham crackers for an irresistible, molar-hugging brittle. Or eat it from the jar with a spoon.

Sugar, cream (milk), butter, cane syrup, molasses, sea salt, vanilla. Comes in a 7.75 oz jar. Refrigerate after opening.

  • contains dairy.
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