Bowled Over


When we first saw the amazing color-blocked wooden bowls made by Willful, we were bowled over. We just had to fill them up. With something crunchy. Something salty. Something totally addictive.

This is an all-inclusive munch-time collection, including the beautiful trio of bowls and a triple-threat of indie snacks: crispy skin-on potato chips that make it tough to go back to the mass-produced, buttery cashews roasted in maple syrup and sea salt, and spectacular mini popcorn sprinkled with white truffle-infused oil and actual white truffle (yes!).

Araya Jensen of Willful in Minnesota crafts the bowls from solid beech, walnut and cherry wood, then hand dips them in rubber paint for a modern banded effect that looks just as great for movie nights on the couch as it does for hors d'oeuvre spreads on the dining room sideboard.