Bourbon Beets

Bourbon Beets


Mouth says...

We got the beet(s)! And you better beet-lieve they’re the boozy pickles your day-drinking lunches have been waiting for! These beets are brined in a vinegar and bourbon mixture in an oak barrel and the result is more than oak-kay. Whether you want to add crunch to a sandwich, add a bit of acid to your barbecue, or just snack on them on their own, these bourbon beets have got the competition beat. 

Named for a famous bootlegger and pickle connoisseur, Frankie’s Fine Brine produces pickled products brined in booze. With their big flavors and big crunches, you’ll be brineded by how good Frankie’s pickles are.

Tip of the tongue: 

Save the brine and toss in some hard-boiled eggs for a classic red beet egg with a boozy twist!