Bourbon Barrel Aged Honey

Bourbon Barrel Aged Honey


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Mouth says...

Two time-honored Tennessee traditions come together in just a small 7.5-ounce bottle. Beekeeping and whiskey making meet when TruBee takes their raw honey and ages it in charred oak barrels, collected from multiple legendary southern distilleries. The result is a rich, lightly smokey honey with a warm amber hue.

TruBee takes pride in capturing the essence of the Tennessee region and seasonality through their honeys. Their "free-range" bees collect nectar from the varied vegetation such as tulip poplar, fruit blossoms, wildflower, herbs and clover, resulting in unique bottles of honey that each taste a little different. Truly bee-utiful.

Tip of the Tongue:

The smoky, earthy qualities of this honey makes it perfect for hot toddies or for savory uses such as grilled ribs or smoked chicken. That said, traditional uses such as drizzling atop fresh buttermilk biscuits or on your morning yogurt are just as delicious.


100% Pure Honey, aged in genuine Kentucky bourbon barrels