Boozy Caramel Corn Popcorn Tin



Outdo that tired popcorn tin (you know the one) with Butter and Scotch’s totally game-changing indie-fied version – a trio of cocktail-inspired caramel corns: Dark ’n’ Stormy, Green Chile Margarita and Hot Toddy.

Here’s what a very lucky recipient will discover when lifting the lid:

First, an a-maize-ing take on the classic Dark and Stormy cocktail, made with Gosling's rum, lime zest, and freshly grated ginger.

Next, Margarita popcorn? Si. Green chiles, tequila, and lime zest come together to create a sweet boozy caramel corn that transports us to the height of summer heat: eating super-fresh tacos doused with lime juice, watching condensation trickle down the beer bottle. Olé!

Finally, magically transformed Hot Toddy in snack form. A sticky, caramelized mixture of bourbon and golden honey drenches each cinnamon-tinged crunchy puff.  

A standout gift for offices and families, this also is a fantastic treat to serve at your own holiday party.

The only question is – which’ll get devoured first?

Tip of the Tongue

Sprinkle a handful of any of the above on vanilla, pistachio or chocolate ice cream for an easy but crowd-pleasing Holiday dinner party dessert.

  • $58 for a 3 lb tin.