Bohemian Highway Cocoa + Rye Granola

Bohemian Highway Cocoa + Rye Granola


  • $6 for a 2.5 oz bag

Mouth says...

Warning: There’s an addictive hit of smokey cocoa coming down the road in the granola, but it might sneak up on you. That’s what happens when every slow-roasted oat in this adorable little bag is coated in smoked cinnamon and rye, when every almond and walnut is toasted for maximum nuttiness, and when the whole delicious mess is covered in chocolatey cocoa powder. The whole thing gets a boost of sweetness from crisp-chewy dried apples, which are picked right on Little Apple’s certified organic orchards in Sebastopol, California. Earthy, nutty, and just the right amount of indulgent...don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Tip of the Tongue

We’re just as happy to snack on this straight from the bag as we are to eat it sprinkled on yogurt in the morning. But to really see what this baby can do, we suggest you use it as a topping in your favorite apple crisp recipe. Vroom.


Organic rolled oats, organic rye flakes, organic sucanat (dehydrated cane juice), organic olive oil, organic almonds, organic dried apples, organic walnuts, organic cocoa powder, organic vanilla extract, spices, salt.
Contains: wheat, almond, walnut

  • Contains treenuts.