Bluebird Morning Herbal Tea

Bluebird Morning Herbal Tea


  • $10.50 for 6 bags

Mouth says...

Start your day flying with this deliciously complex handcrafted herbal tea, specifically designed to boost your energy – without any caffeine!

Nutty but mild ginkgo and gotu kola will get your blood flowing and your brain turning (they support circulation and mental clarity). Aromatic rosehips, chock full of vitamin C, add a delicate floral hint and buoy your immune system. And ginger and lemongrass, which jumpstart your metabolism, combine with a touch of cinnamon for a smooth, soulful, well rounded cup.

Bluebird Morning Tea is the gentlest way to wake up with the birds and soar all day long.

Did You Know?

When brewing loose-leaf tea without a strainer, pyramid-shaped tea bags are the next best bet. The shape and extra breathing room allow each full dried tea leaf to expand and unfurl once the water hits, with enough surface area to guarantee total flavor extraction. You can reuse tea bags at least once more for a slightly weaker yet still totally drinkable brew.

Tip of the Tongue

Make sure the water temperature is around 205° F. Flying Bird Botanicals recommends steeping the tea, covered, for 7 minutes. Oh, and keep the tin! (She’s a beaut!)


Organic gotu kola, organic elder berries*, organic rose hips, organic ginger, organic orange peel*, organic lemongrass, organic gingko*, organic cinnamon, organic red raspberry leaf*, organic lemon balm*, wild hawthorn flowers*. * USA grown herbs. Each tin contains 6 bags.