Blueberry Vanilla Energy Bar

Blueberry Vanilla Energy Bar


Mouth says...

Perhaps the most subtle of the four varieties from Bearded Bros, the delicate sweetness of blueberries and vanilla beautifully complement each other and make for an easy, energy-charged favorite. Younger palates will find this tasty and easy to love. 

Two awesomely bearded dudes – friends, outdoorsmen, and lovers of great food – making energy bars we can't get enough of. Hailing from Austin, TX (Brooklyn's unofficial sister city), the bars are organic, vegan, mostly raw, and crazy healthy. Have one for breakfast, lunch, snack, dessert, whatever, and feel great from the inside out!

Tip of the Tongue

This is a delicious yet totally pure snack your kids will clamor for – so stock up, because you're gonna want one all the time, too!


Organic dates, organic almonds, vanilla rice protein, organic dried blueberries, organic chia seeds, sea salt. Comes in a 1.52 oz package. NOTE: Produced in a facility that handles nuts and tree nuts.