Blueberry Rhubarb Jam

Blueberry Rhubarb Jam


  • $16.50 for a 8 ounce jar

Mouth says...

With a generous growing season and endless western sun, great fruit in LA is a given. And SQUIRL's jam's delicate, artful preparations truly lets the fruit shine through. They use heirloom varietals whenever possible, all from family-owned farms. Even the pots the jam is made in are hand spun by a local coppersmith.

Here, a departure from the traditional couple that is strawberry and rhubarb, SQUIRL's fresh blueberry and rhubarb jam has a subtly sweet and tart flavor. It's a reinvention of the classic, and we're smitten.

tip of the tongue

Slather on any and every baked good you get your hands on. Seriously. We especially love it on a slice of brioche toast topped off with sheep's cheese. 


Rhubarb, blueberries, fair trade cane sugar, sorrento lemon juice. Farmers: Trevino Farms and Rancho del Sol. Comes in a 7.75 oz jar.

  • Vegan.