Blanc de Blancs Reserve


Blanc de Blancs Reserve
Blanc de Blancs Reserve Blanc de Blancs Reserve
  • $32 for a 750 ml bottle


"Lieb’s sparkling wines have become my go-to for celebrating anything from birthdays to a particularly good day at work. The Blanc de Blancs Reserve is a versatile, crisp sparkling wine that’s been a hit at every special (or not-so-special) occasion I’ve brought it to."—Brent, Tech Team


We know, we know, it’s not Champagne unless it comes from that illustrious province in northeast France bearing the same name. But what if it’s made using the same traditional methods that are required in Champagne? And froths up with the same delicate mousse (that’s fancy Champagne-speak for the way the bubbles feel in your mouth)? And tastes of the distinctive terroir of which the winemaker is duly proud?

Well, we think this Blanc de Blancs Reserve from some of the oldest vines on Long Island’s North Fork is pretty darn close to the genuine article. Made with 100% Pinot Blanc grapes, it’s aged on its lees (meaning, dead – but no less tasty! – yeast cells) for at least three years.

Wine geek technicalities aside, these bubbles offer all that’s clean and bracing about a fine Champagne, but with more exuberance (think candied lemon peel, Bosc pear and jazz hands) – plus a friendlier price tag. And as a good sparkling wine should do, it can dress up or dress down, taking both caviar blinis and pigs in a blanket out for a twirl without missing a beat. 


We’re believers in celebrating life’s moments, big and small, so think about this wine as an equally appropriate way to toast the happy couple and the dog’s graduation from obedience school. Keep a bottle in the fridge door to serve unexpected guests (along with a bowl of these classed up cheesy puffs) and you’re absolutely winning.

3.2% alcohol by volume; Comes in a 750 ml bottle

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