Blackcurrant Shiro Plum Jam

Blackcurrant Shiro Plum Jam


Mouth says...

V Smiley, the company’s namesake, looks to disrupt the jam world by swapping out the standard refined white sugar for a richer (and more natural) substance: locally-sourced honey. That wild honey is the first thing you’ll smell as soon as you open a beautifully designed jar of her preserves. With no thickeners or preservatives whatsoever (except natural lemon juice), this jam is pure blackcurrant and plum flavor. The flavor is unlike any preserve we’ve ever tasted, transporting us to late-summer plum season. Let’s just say these preserves have got us... well, v smiley all over.

V was never interested in “doing the right thing.” Although she gained her culinary chops working in restaurants across the West Coast where refined white sugar is the gold standard of traditional technique, wherever she went, she spread her belief that honey was the superior sweetener. Even when it came to making preserves. We’re glad she stuck to her guns, because these jams are simply un-bee-lieveable.

Tip of the Tongue:

Adding a healthy amount of black pepper would make this jam into a delicious glaze for pork or chicken.


Shiro plum, blackcurrants, honey, lemon juice.