• $6.25 for a 5 oz bottle


Hoskins Farm has been growing biodynamic and organic blackberries for 25 years. About 10 years ago, they decided to try something new. They crushed some fruit, fermented it to alcohol, added a live mother of vinegar, and the results were spectacular. That original live mother still continues to turn oak barrels of juice into the delicious vinegar bottled today.

We are big vinegar people, and just love love love this variety. The blackberry flavor comes through yet it is less cloying than some berry vinegars can be.

tip of the tongue

Try mixing it with Baja Precious olive oil for a perfect salad topper. Marinate chicken breasts in blackberry vinegar to tenderize and add a tangy sweetness. For something unusual, drizzle a little bit over vanilla ice cream. When you feel like you're about to get a cold, mix 1 tablespoon of blackberry vinegar into a cup of hot water. 

Organic and biodynamic blackberries, vinegar mother (starter). Comes in a lovely 5 oz bottle. NOTE: Keeps best in the fridge.

  • vegan.
  • certified organic.
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