Black Walnut Serving Board


Black Walnut Serving Board
Black Walnut Serving Board
  • $85 for 1 board


Here’s a hand-carved board you’ll want to display in your kitchen even when you’re not serving artisanal cheese and small-batch charcuterie!

Woodworker Peter Cavanaugh selects slabs of black walnut wood with mesmerizing grains, then raises, sands and hand-waxes each piece in his workshop in Gowanus. The single handle is designed to fit comfortably in your hand – just one reason we love the careful planning and design that Peter puts into every piece.

Peter uses a mix of darker heartwood from deep inside the tree and lighter sapwood from just under the bark. The gorgeous, subtle contrast makes this a very memorable housewarming or wedding gift – no two boards are alike!

Measures 18” x 7.5”. Black walnut. Hand-waxed with a mix of food-safe oil and beeswax.

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