Black Truffle Popcorn


Black Truffle Popcorn
Black Truffle Popcorn Black Truffle Popcorn Black Truffle Popcorn Black Truffle Popcorn Black Truffle Popcorn
  • $8 for a 2 oz bag


The ingenious popcorn poppers at Live Love Pop somehow knew the precise equation of rich truffle goodness (a subtle dusting) and super fresh, lightly salted popcorn (small batch, at that) to keep you ravenously digging through the bag for more, more, more. And now we're out of popcorn. And it's not pretty. 

Seriously, this stuff is dangerously good. Tasty truffle, subtle salt and crunchy kettle-cooked popcorn. Our studies show that without exception, you will polish off the whole bag. But luckily, you won't suffer consequences – it's super healthy, and all-natural (plus gluten-free and vegan!), so munch away. 

Tip of the Tongue

A very sophisticated taste, in a totally chill snack: perfect to put out at parties, so you seem fancy but not like you're trying too hard. It'll be a hit, guaranteed.

Popcorn, high oleic sunflower oil and truffle sea salt (sea salt, black truffle). Comes in a 2 oz bag.

  • vegan.
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