Black Truffle Mustard

Black Truffle Mustard


Mouth says...

We’re major mustard fans, and when you add world’s fanciest fungi to the mix there’s a distinct possibility we’ll eat it straight outta the jar. Black truffles’ buttery, earthy funk is the perfect counterpoint to mustard’s bold, sharp bite. This flamboyant Black Truffle Mustard starts with some of the best truffle-infused olive oil out there, blended with Mustard and Co’s crazy-good core ingredients—fresh ground, raw mustard seed, organic extra-virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar and Jacobsen Salt Co. sea salt. It’s made weekly in small batches in Mustard and Co’s Seattle shop, where the team ensures their mustard seed is never heated so all those sweet-spicy oils stay active. That means mustard with maximum flavor, ready to fire up all sorts of savory dishes. 
Tip of the Tongue:
Imagine how good this would be on your burgers or brats, or for an over-the-top umami moment swiped on a steak. We also love it in salad dressings, on soft-boiled eggs, with cheese plates, or smeared on a croque monsieur.


Fresh-ground and raw mustard seed, organic extra-virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, filtered water, black truffle infused olive oil, Jacobsen Salt Co. sea salt.