Bitters Liqueur



This bittersweet, complex, fruity liqueur is one of our absolute favorite ways to start a meal, whether sipped straight or mixed into a cocktail. Yes, it's bitter, but it's well-balanced by an underlying sweetness from the dried fruit used to finish it.

The dominant bitter flavor comes from gentian root and genepi, an herb in the wormwood family, but not the same one traditionally used in absinthe. It grows wild in Colorado's Tenmile mountain range, near the distillery, and smells like chamomile. Sixteen different herbs, botanicals and fruits are steeped in the base, which requires a three-stage maceration and takes three weeks, from start to finish. Breckenridge Distillery's Bitters was one of the first of this style to be produced in the United States, and we think it holds its own anywhere.

Not sure if this is for you? If you love bruléed grapefruit, roasted Brussels sprouts or hoppy beers, you're likely to fall in love. 

tip of the tongue

Try a splash in a pint of pale ale to accentuate the hops.

  • $40 for 750ml