Seasonal Fusilli



Indie pasta might seem unusual, but once you've tried Sfoglini, we promise you'll never think about pasta the same way again! This Brooklyn-based team uses organic U.S.-grown semolina flour, makes the dough in small batches and pushes it through traditional bronze dies. Air dried at low temperatures to preserve nutrition and taste, its flavor and textures are shockingly different from the endless boxes that line superstore shelves.

Beet Fusilli

This curly, pretty-in-pink pasta beets normal noodles any day. It's definitely easy on the eyes, but there's so much more to this pasta: The beets bring a tangy, earthy flavor along with stunning color, while the air-dried, traditionally handmade noodles have a killer texture you thought was impossible to find outside of Italy. It's a true Beauty and the Beets fairytale.

The maker recommends serving these with butter, sage, roasted beets and ricotta salata. We also like them with a simpler sauce of brown butter, poppy seeds and parmigiano-reggiano. 

Ramp Fusilli

Another genius curly pasta, this one made with our favorite spring vegetable. Market-fresh ramps are blended with organic semolina lending a sweet garlic note. These are absolutely delicious, especially when paired with primavera. They're also only available for a limited time, so grab a couple bags while you can!