Beer Barrel Bourbon

Beer Barrel Bourbon
Beer Barrel Bourbon Beer Barrel Bourbon Beer Barrel Bourbon Beer Barrel Bourbon Beer Barrel Bourbon
  • $41 for 750ml


"If you’ve tried a craft beer aged in a whiskey barrel, you’ll find that the reverse process creates a smooth, slightly smoky spirit with a touch of sweetness. It’s the perfect combo of all our favorite things."


Hops and hooch. What could be better? 

This bottle has all of bourbon's classic caramel and vanilla flavor mixed with the dark and roasty undertones from malty beer.

New Holland actually started as a craft brewery, and they bring that same creative, free-spirited attitude to their spirits distillery, with a pretty cool system linking the two. The bourbon is first aged in brand new barrels made from white oak.* It's then poured out to make room to age the brewery's dark, malty beer – Dragon's Milk Stout – which picks up rich vanilla and oak notes from the barrels. Once the beer is ready, it's time for the bourbon to return to the very same barrels for another three months.

Beer and bourbon couldn't exist without the other, and each of them is better off for their shared quarters (like your favorite roommate!).

tip of the tongue

We probably don't need to say it but we can't help ourselves: This is the perfect whiskey for beer fans. There's no better shot and a beer combo than a shot of this whiskey followed with a pint of rich stout beer (bonus points if it's bourbon barrel-aged, triple bonus if it's the Dragon's Milk Stout).

did you know?

*By law, bourbon must be aged in new oak barrels to be called, well, bourbon.

40% alcohol by volume; comes in a 750ml bottle.

  • vegan.
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