Bangkok Thai Chile Hot Sauce



Though this sauce is made simply of vinegar, Thai chilies, garlic and salt, it has a delicious citrusy note that encourages liberal pouring. The heat builds quickly and steadily, though, so tread carefully. 

Adoboloco founder Tim Parsons started a blog devoted to chicken and pork adobo in all of its spicy, saucy glory. These hot sauces are an offshoot of said blog, and Parsons' complete and total devotion to hot peppers is brightly expressed in each and every bottle. Though they bring a certain degree of heat (some more than others), the distinct, fruity flavors of the peppers manage to stand out amidst the flames, and therein lies the genius of these terrific sauces.

tip of the tongue

What else do you reach for when your Thai food isn't quite hot enough? Seriously, though, this flavorful, medium-hot hot sauce is delicious on everything from a burger to your Sunday morning scrambled eggs.