Behold: A peanut butter cup hog's dream!

As if we weren't already obsessed with the indisputably addictive combos of chocolate + PB, bacon + PB, and chocolate + bacon, Black Pig Meat Co. has upped the ante and smashed all of it together in what they call "Swine Sweets."

Each mini chocolate cup encases a just-right hunk of peanut butter and the crunch of chicharron (you know, crispy-fried pork skin!). It's all topped with a sprinkling of smoked salt flakes. Yes. That other cup, the one that rhymes with pieces, just can't compete.

tip of the tongue

Black Pig uses pork from heritage breed pigs raised without antibiotics and hormones on a free-range, certified-sustainable country farm.

Peanut butter, chocolate, chicharron, sugar, smoked salt. Each 3 oz package contains 6 cups.

  • Contains peanuts.
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